Brainwave Cat Ears!

Who said Japan is in a big crisis has it wrong! The Japanese based company Neurowear has come up with a headband with brainwave controlled cat ears! It's a regular headband with black or white ears that will rise when you are concentrating and will lie down when you are relaxed. When you concentrate and relax at the same time your ears will actively move, apparently profesional sports players have this a lot.

Personally I dont see this invention becoming a big succes but who knows?! The company says its a new way of communicating, it just might be but, only in Japan.

The price of this probably expensive part of a cosplay costume is not yet determined. The company plans to bring out more brainwave accessories! What brainwave controlled accessory would you like to see?
I would like to see a brainwave remote control to control my TV, pc, lights? That would really awesome!