My thoughts on Lockitron

Lockitron is a system that allows you to open your door with your phone. You can let friends in to your home without giving them a key, imagine you being on the other side of the world opening your door for someone instantly. The system works by sending a signal trough the Lockitron server to a small device plugged in to your router. And this device gives the command to the door to open it.

Lockitron is compatible with most common lock styles, even with a buzzer. You can order a self-install kit on their site. The company claims the system is more secure then RFID card because it uses your phone to identify you, and this is the biggest problem i have with it.

With all the hacking going on these days i have some problem relying only on digital security alone. To me a combination of both phone and key would be the best option if security is the priority. This will lose the advantage of not having your key with you, the 'one less thing in your pocket' phrase would not fit anymore. And i don't know about you guys but it happens quite some times that i leave my house without my phone charger and therefore end up with a empty phone battery.. i wonder what the company has in mind to relief me of my worries that they undoubtedly can.

check out the video: